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Birth date: Sep 9, 2015 Best friend: Barney

The 4-legged accomplice

We saw a photo on Facebook of a baby goat named Luca that was at Langley Animal Protection Society and thought, “wonder what his story is.”  Well, we would soon find out.  LAPS isn’t equipped to house farm animals, so they asked Hayburner Haven to take him in.  He was there for a week and it just didn’t work out for the little guy there.  SALI got the call from Hayburner asking us if we had room for him.  We always give these asks a lot of thought to consider if we have enough volunteer care, financial resources and housing to help an animal in need. We just so happened to have fixed up a stall in the barn for our next animal and we know that goats are very low maintenance. So our answer was yes, but thought it would be best to pick him up after our gala.
Hayburner told us that he absolutely thrives on interaction with people and would love meeting everyone at the gala. Chris and I picked him up on Wednesday and he has already won over all the farm volunteers. He is still being bottle fed 4 times a day and there is always someone asking if they can feed him!
He needed a bottle during the gala, so I (Keryn) shamelessly auctioned off the opportunity to give it to him.  Karen Conyers won with the highest bid.
Luca was renamed Clyde after Bonnie & Clyde because of his notorious story.  Surrey RCMP found an abandoned stollen car and quickly apprehended the car thieves. Upon questioning, the perpetrators were asked about the baby goat that was found in the back seat of the stollen car. Their incredulous answer was, “what goat.”
We don’t know where Clyde was stolen from, but we do know that he had at least 3 different homes in his short life, and he is now in his permanent home.

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