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Rescue date: Jan 23, 2019 Favourite Food: Sheep Grain Best friend: “I jus luv everybody”

We put the word out that we were looking for a new friend for Barney and we were asked if we would consider two sheep, Cedar and Douglas. Having never met a sheep before, we didn’t really know and asked if we could visit with them. We were charmed right away with their sweet nature and that they are a bonded pair (makes them tougher to find a home for) which means we might be their only option to stay together. We decided on the spot to rescue both and, to make up for their small size in comparison to Barney, it seemed perfect to get two.

SALI volunteer Bill Mahony helped transport them in his van, which we have now dubbed the Critter Caravan. They arrived at the farm on Thursday afternoon. They come from a petting zoo in Aldergrove that was shut down before it even got started. They have been bottle raised, are super chill and child friendly. Douglas does the same leaping that Barney does, so that will be fun for Barney.

They are being temporarily housed in the outdoor cow shelter with the portable fences we bought for Clyde’s isolation area in the garage. We are introducing them for slowly to Barney through this fence. We’ll keep our fingers and hooves crossed all goes well.


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