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Freida May

Birth date: May 31, 2020 Rescue date: May 31, 2020 Favourite Food: Grapes Best friend: Duke the duck

We got a call that there were two turkeys in need of a home or else they would be slaughtered.  We get many of these calls, but this one happened when we were looking for a turkey friend for Lady A.

The Happy Herd was able to take one of the turkeys and we took one, Freida.

Her full name is now Freida May.

Like many backyard turkeys, Frieda is very overweight.  This is due to their breeding and they are free fed.  We immediately put her on two measured meals a day of low fat Roudy Bush bird food.  She also arrived very wary of people and had a lot of attitude towards the other birds.

We are always up for a challenge and spent a lot of time getting to know Freida, giving her her space, and supervising her interaction with the other birds.  I am happy to say that after two months she is fully integrated with the bird flock.

Unfortunately, Lady died shortly after they were integrated and Freida is the only turkey in the flock.  She doesn’t seem to mind, she even has taken on the “way of the duck.”  She loves the ducks and it seems that Freida and Duke are pairing off.

For anyone that uses the term, “bird brain,” this should be used as a compliment.  Birds are highly intelligent and intuitive.  They are also loyal, faithful and brave.

Freida is almost 2 years old and we hope we can give her a long happy life here at Kindred.

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