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Rescue date: Mar 24, 2016 Favourite Food: Grapes or… anything really Best friend: “All of my subjects are important to me”

The very day that Louise was taken overnight for surgery, we got a call about a bird in need. Well, Louise’s coup was cleaned and empty, so there was “room in the inn.” One of our volunteers, Joanne who also volunteers for OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Society) was called to help a turkey vulture at Crescent Beach. The vulture ended up being a black hen and it was determined she had been dropped from an eagle’s nest! She looked badly bruised and traumatized and we offered her a safe place to rest in our coup.

She was vet checked, and vaccinated After three days, Louise came home from the vet and the two have become inseparable. We named her Henrietta and just for fun, she is nicknamed Henri.

We have no idea where Henrietta is originally from, but was initially very reserved and distrustful of people. She loves food and quickly realized that she is in a kind place where there is a constant supply of treats – especially when the children come! Slowly but surely she is learning to trust, and will come when we call her name. One of the best times at the farm each morning, is to watch her funny waddle as follows the volunteers to the outdoor chicken run. She loves to hang out in the garden and help the children dig in the dirt. She still will flee (and boy is she fast) if you move too quickly or have an alternative motive (like picking her up). From our experience with Louise the rooster, we know that deep down chickens love to socialize with people and actually love to be held and stroked. It’s going to take time for her to fully trust and we will be as patient as she needs us to be.

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