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Birth date: Dec 1, 2020 Rescue date: Dec 1, 2020 Best friend: Henrietta

This is George.  A Brahma rooster.  Brahma’s are one of the largest breeds of chickens, but are gentle giants. They have been bred to be meat birds.  We will need to be vigilant in watching his diet and weight.

With the help of PEACE, we found out that George needed a home.  He comes from Goats on the Rock Farm Sanctuary that has closed it’s doors.  He is the last of their animals to be re-homed and has spent quite a while alone.  He doesn’t need to be quarantined and is being slowly integrated into the flock.

It’s been a month since Louise the magnificent rooster’s passing.  We always knew that we would never be able to replace Louise.  Instead, the day that Emmy Lou (our bantam silkie) was almost taken by a hawk, we realized that it is really important for a flock to have a rooster guardian.  George will fill this role in his own way and it will be fun to discover his rooster personality.



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