Meet Laura

May 9, 2011

Laura & part of her menagerie

Laura contacted SALI in 2009 and I met her at the local Starbucks. She immediately donated money to our programs and signed on as a member and volunteer. Laura joined the 2010 fundraising team and helped out at the Bad to the Bone and the dog wash at White Rock Farmers Market.

Photo Credit: SALI

Laura at 2010 Bad to the Bone Pub Nite

Laura & Princess

Laura has become very involved in the Guardian Program. She is passionate about the welfare of animals and loves helping out the beloved pets of people at risk. We find that the cats in foster care from women who have fled domestic violence need a very sensitive care giver. And we have found that person in Laura. Laura is calm around all animals and will do what ever it takes to help them. She is our “cat whisperer” and is able to help cats feel at home and let go of their past trauma.

Laura gets a lot of satisfaction directly helping animals and people and there are a lot of people and animals now in our community that have been kept together because of Laura.