Volunteer Spotlight: Shawn Soucy

Apr 7, 2018

You’d think Shawn had joined us at the very beginning considering how much he’s contributed. In such a short time, he’s made a difference in the lives of all our animals and many at-risk children. Along the way, he’s created, filmed, built, repaired, drummed, injured himself many times, and has become such a valued member of our farm family.

“I’ve always had a compassion-centered life, as long as I can remember. I gave up eating animals in 1986 and haven’t looked back. I don’t have any kids of my own but I love being around them. I also am a ‘fixer’. I can repair almost anything if it’s repairable. When I was introduced to SALI, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to give to the animals, the children and also to build stuff that the Farm needed, like the horse feeder, chicken coop, fence, gates, arbor, and Chicken Run. There’s always something needing repair also. With the help of other great volunteers, we’ve been able to make some great, beneficial changes to SALI’s Farm. There’s also a very rewarding energy that comes to us when we volunteer without expectation. I’m sure ALL the volunteers feel it.

I’m first and foremost a Professional Drummer. Have been doing it for 45 years. I play all styles, some better than others. I have a studio in my home, Spirit Studio, where I engineer and record artists and myself as well. I can do drums at my studio and send the tracks to the client, or the client can come here and we record all the band at my studio.

I have also been in the film industry where I developed a skill set to start my own video Company, Spirit Media. I do mostly performance videos but also promo, music and corporate videos.


SALI’s Farm Promo video produced by Shawn


Music video produced by Shawn filmed at SALI’s Farm

One of my favorite experiences at SALI was when I cleared the back woods behind the barn and installed a gate for the horses to come play. Badger and Chase were galloping thru the woods at almost full speed. Having a 1200 lb horse run by you in full joy is an experience to remember. Another great thing that happened was during a Children’s Program. We were working in the garden, my buddy and I, and he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Thanks.”. It wasn’t much but the kid was sincere and at that moment, we both knew how grateful he was for being there with me. Very rewarding…


I hope for SALI to realize their Big Furry Goal of a new location that matches the needs and desires of the Animals and Humans. Including all of the wishes on the Furry Goal video.

I also wish for SALI, an Angel Investor to help with all of this.

I joined the re-location committee for this very reason. I’m looking forward to this day being realized.”



Just a few of the projects at the farm built by Shawn (all portable to our new farm)!

Coupe de Poulles

Children’s Garden Arbour & picket fencing

Bird Aviary built

I am so thankful for friends like Shawn to help us make it through


Keryn Denroche, Founder & Chief Bottle Washer