Creature Feature: Henrietta

May 8, 2018
Photo Credit: Bev Malcom

Perhaps more of a beautiful wallflower than an attention sponge, Henrietta may not garner as much in-your-face attention as some of the other members of the SALI herd but that doesn’t mean she captures fewer hearts. Forever the “sister of the patient,” she graciously lets Louise bask in the spotlight but there’s no question who runs the roost. In fact, in many origins, the name Henrietta means “Ruler of the Home.” A delightful discovery that fits perfectly – just one of the many coincidental (or not) hidden gems behind the stories of our rescue animals.


To the best of our knowledge, Henrietta is a Black Australoup Hen, recognizable by her stark black plumage, that glistens evergreen in the sunlight, and her small, contrasting red comb. She’s the epitome of a familiar farm face and she carries herself with grace and class. Among the more shy of the animals, she’s not always front and centre but when you take the time to get to know her, it’s easy to see her charm. Henrietta can usually be found surveying the garden with her vibrant yet unassuming swagger. Her favourite foods include grapes, granola and yogurt. And don’t be surprised if you catch Henrietta checking herself out in one of the coop mirrors.


Henrietta joined the bunch in March of 2016 after being rescued by SALI and O.W.L. volunteer, Joanne Armstrong. Originally thought to be a turkey vulture, Henrietta was found in the Crescent Beach area, having fallen from an eagles nest. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting SALIs Farm, you’ve probably seen many an eagle flying by on occasion. We like to think they are passing through checking on their old pal! Surely they’re plenty satisfied that she’s in much more capable, loving hands now!

Screen_Shot_2018-05-09_at_6.24.24_AM.pngWhere did Henrietta lay her egg

Henrietta is arguably the most generous animal on the farm. Often producing one egg a day, much to the enchantment of the children, who eagerly check the nesting boxes during their visits. One can only imagine, that to be a child and to experience such a pure gift is nothing short of magical. We’re so fortunate we have Henrietta around to inspire such awe and wonder. Not just coveted by the children, Henrietta’s eggs are so desirable they are even being used as a special auction item at our fundraising events. Thanks, Henrietta!


Written by,


Leah Wilson
Animal Care Volunteer