Creature Feature: Elvis

Jun 18, 2018
Photo Credit: Bev Malcom

If a farm can have a Maître D, Elvis is undoubtedly the man, (er, cat) for the job. One who oversees all the going’s on while all the while eluding major tasks but assuming full responsibility. Elvis was the first SALI member to greet me on his own accord. He sauntered up in his perfectly tailored black and white tuxedo, looked in my eyes, rubbed my shins and in that moment knew I would be welcomed into the herd.

Photo Credit: Bev Malcom

Elvis has a way of making guests, those frequent as well as those far between, feel like they belong at SALI (neighbourhood cats aside!). Perhaps it’s because he’s so confident in his own sense of place at his forever farm. He’s letting us in on the secret he already knows – SALI is the hospitable habitat for fun, freedom, acceptance and adventure.

Caught red handed (no animal was harmed in this photo – these are ceramic gold fish)

Charm and charisma backed by his adorable hind leg lunge greetings make Elvis a fan favourite among the children who visit the farm. He’s affectionate without being intimidating. Elvis dishes out the devotion and reminds young hearts what it means to be loved without expectation or hesitation.

Photo Credit: Brian Houle

Blame it on his affluent background, Elvis is also a master of relaxation. He is frequently spotted sunbathing on the patio furniture with a trio of adoring chickens beneath him. Or when that’s too much to handle, he’ll find his way onto the the unsuspecting shoulders of any passerby who will happily carry him from point A to point B. On occasion he has also been known to kick back with a good book.


Elvis’s early days may have been lived under a veil of “luxury” (if you call being unwanted on 35 acres, with a mansion and a pool luxury) but he’s got all the gusto of farm cat who just can’t be bought. Living his best life under the peaks of our beloved, rustic red barn.


Elvis decided to try out Emmy Lou’s house

Written by:


Leah Wilson
Animal Care Volunteer