Creature Feature: Starbucks

Sep 29, 2018

Affectionately referred to as Grandma, Starbucks is the largest rabbit in the SALIs farm fluffle. Her brown fur has the illusion of salt and pepper speckle and her fuzzy underlay tuft is as soft as it looks. Though Starbucks is an Agouti breed, when her ears are forward and down she almost puts on the air of the popular French Lop. We know her size is the unnatural result of being bred for meat but boy do those extra rolls make her look extra cuddly, if that’s even possible for a rabbit. Lucky to have been saved from her intended grave purpose, she owns her beauty as a sign of strength and survival.

SALI Volunteer Emlyn Monahan giving Starbucks a favourite treat

Those who know Starbucks know that her size doesn’t slow her down when she’s on a mission. If you’ve ever been caught trying to corral the fluffle in, you’ll know Starbucks is no easy feat if she’s not quite ready to bid the fresh air goodnight. She’s a master of dashing from one hiding spot to the next just to the point of bargaining, before she finally takes mercy on whoever has been tasked with her tuck in.


Not unlike many of the other animals at the farm, Starbucks makes you work to earn her trust. She’s quite shy to begin with and can be skittish around those who don’t respect her preference for calm and quite movements. Respecting the Rabbitat and its residents is crucial to forming a familiar and lasting relationship with Starbucks. The day she comes to greet you when you open the stall door is the day you know you’ve earned it. Once that’s happened she’s usually the first one of the bunnies to come hopping when she knows you’re near.


Starbucks loves her greens, particularly kale and parsley. And a craisin will certainly do on the days when a little additional coaxing is required. She doesn’t like to be picked up but she is usually willing to lay nearby to offer the privilege of gently petting her cashmere-like coat. Her relationship with the other bunnies can be rocky at times, as they have been known to pick on her. Thankfully these periods of disruption usually settle quickly, but during the temporary tiffs, it feels like Starbucks is especially grateful for the love and protection showered down on her by her two legged friends.

SALI Volunteer Eva nursing Starbucks when she was very sick

It’s been just over three years since Starbucks was rescued. It’s hard to imagine all the moments with her that almost didn’t happen. Her purpose is so much more than a meal. How fortunate we are to have welcomed her into the lives of so many. Whenever you visit, it’s always worth your while to have a peek into the Rabbitat cubbies for a face to face with this wise old matriarch. You won’t regret a moment spent with that twitchy little nose.

Written by:

Leah Wilson
Animal Care Volunteer