I hope to meet Ron one day and his dog and rabbit

Sep 8, 2010

When I read Amy’s story about Ron and his need for pet food I didn’t have to look too far. SALI already had a large donation of dog food; we bought some rabbit food; we went to the South Point Tisol who donated a lot more dog food and cat food and we were good to go. We loaded up the SALI mobile and made a trip up to Surrey Urban Mission hoping to meet up with Ron.

He wasn’t there, but we arrived just in time for a community sponsored breakfast and we got to meet the delightful director of the mission, Jonquill Hallgate. Jonquill told us about the many stories of the people that count on the mission and how many of them have beloved pets. Their pets mean the world to them, but often they just need a little bit of pet food to help make ends meet.

Thanks to the community donating pet food to those in need of a helping hand and to Tisol for being so generous, a lot of people were able to feed their pets and know that people care.