Jail Birds

Jul 23, 2023

The White Rock RCMP came to the rescue saving these two birds from a dangerous situation (being in the middle of a busy road in the dark).
But where do you put rescue birds at the police station?
In an empty jail cell of course.
I love that these two birds brought some kindness and joy to the often grim workload of the RCMP.  
After spending one night in jail, our very own Shannon Jones (Dolly’s sponsor) went to work finding them a suitable home which just happens to now be at Kindred Farm.

You can read all about it in the RCMP press release here:

Welcome to Kindred Farm

They are very young birds and we are thankful they have each other.  It was a traumatic experience for them, but being a twosome helped them cope better.  

They are in quarantine for two weeks to make sure that they don’t have any lice, mites, or transferable diseases that would affect our resident birds. 

Ginger and Mary Ann, two characters on a long-running TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island seemed appropriate for these two.  Two cast aways on a busy street finding safety at a little sanctuary.

Do you remember the theme song to this Gilligan’s Island?  
If you are too young to remember, I guarantee that after you listen to the theme song, it will be stuck in your head.
You’re welcome.