Meet Julina – SALI’s Farm volunteer

Feb 6, 2012

Ever since I was a child I have always loved animals! Volunteering with SALI was wonderful because I gained valuable experience working with children while also working with animals. I’m at school to become an elementary school teacher so I first came to SALI to gain experience with children and was delighted to find out I would also be working with animals.

I had the opportunity to interact with animals that I would not regularly interact with like: horses, donkeys and chickens!

Working with the children was especially rewarding because you could see how important being at the farm was to them. The one on one time spent with my little buddy was rewarding for both her and me, and I know that we left a lasting impression on each other. My best memory from the farm was after a fun day at the farm it was time for the children to go home and my little buddy got on the bus, came back out, ran over to me and gave me a goodbye hug. Volunteering with SALI was a rewarding experience and I cannot wait to volunteer with them again!