the journey home campaign


HOME—When you hear the word, what do you think? 

Somewhere you long for. Somewhere you are safe. Somewhere you are loved.

There’s no place like it, right?
You can help us buy our home.


What is home?

Home is the place where our hearts and souls can rest and be at peace. Just thinking about home makes a little tingle in your chest, doesn’t it? It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? 

But last year, that feeling was one of fear when our rescued animals lost their home due to unforeseen circumstances. We rallied, and were able to find a temporary space, but now our animals need a permanent home. 

And they cannot find that home without you. 


Will you help the rescued animals of Kindred Farm on The Journey Home to find that place?

To find their home?


“Badger the horse at Kindred Farm is my Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth where I feel loved and safe. My heart doesn’t hurt so bad anymore.” — Kyle


Our progress so far.

Thousands of generous supporters donated $500,000 to start The Journey Home for Kindred Farm. Now we need to raise another $500,000 to complete the journey by purchasing land to be the forever home for our animals and soul-healing work. 

Will you give now to build that home, that safe, loving space where the animals we save can rest their hearts and the humans we help can rest their souls? 

Will you support The Journey Home?


We have $464,725 to go.

We’re well on our way to raising the $1,000,000 we need for a down payment on 5-10 acres of land in the Lower Mainland. With $500,000 raised in the first phase of our campaign and $35,275 more raised as of August 15, 2022, we have $464,725 to go.

Unfortunately, we are racing against the clock as well as Mother Nature. We only have until the end of summer in our current space, and we need to move the animals before the bitter cold of winter sets in. 

That’s why we need your help today. 


Your gift will not only give a loving home to animals, but also provide a place for all ages to experience a nurturing environment where they can heal their wounds.

Because that is what home is, right?


 “I never dreamed I would meet a handicapped rooster in a wheelchair, but it was so healing to feel the softness of his feathers and receive unconditional love for myself. Kindred Farm gives me hope that we can get through any trauma together.” —Wendy


Why do we need $1 million?

PROBLEM:  Kindred Farm is under extreme pressure to move before we are kicked out of our temporary home. We need to raise $1M to purchase ~10 acres of farmland, double the size of our current farm. We would like space to grow as the number of animals and people in need of rescue and healing increases annually.

SOLUTION: It’s time to purchase property and build a permanent home, a one-of-kind community farm to benefit the entire community and be a model for farms of its kind. The “new” Kindred Farm will be a community sanctuary, a forever home to abused and neglected farm animals, as well as a healing centre for people who’ve experienced trauma.  

COST:  10 acres x  $200K per acre = $2M (total cost)

$1M (50%) is needed for a down payment before December 2022


We can’t wait to share our future home with you – the place where our heart will be, and your heart will be there with us!