children’s program

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Children’s program volunteers are important because:

  • They help children to heal
  • They model empathy and compassion for all living things
  • They help children to feel accepted and experience success in their tasks
  • They help children connect with an animal’s story of abuse/neglect and witness that healing is possible
  • They allow the healing powers of nature to occur naturally


“As I sit and write this, the Children’s Program session has wrapped up, however, the seeds and flowers that were lovingly planted now flourish in the Children’s Garden and are there to remind us all of their time spent at the farm.”


  • A kind and compassionate heart
  • Understand that working with children and animals is unpredictable
  • Able to commit to 8 weeks
  • Criminal background check
  • Annual Member of Kindred

Children’s Program Volunteers are encouraged to learn how to care for our animals before they start with the Children’s Program, so consider getting involved now as an Animal Care Volunteer.

Groups happen throughout the year, primarily during the fall and spring. Once the community agencies have set the time that works for their children, a “call-out” occurs through email requesting volunteers who are available for the various times.

Check back in the Spring for an update on our Children’s Programs