our plight

We are at risk of being homeless

Leasing property is always a risk, but added to this risk is the knowledge that Kindred Farm is smack dab in the middle of a South Surrey high density development. We are looking for a new permanent home!


Our vision is

  • to create a one-of-a-kind community farm sanctuary
  • to purchase 10+ acres
  • to expand the therapeutic healing programs
  • to be an inclusive and welcoming farm
  • to create an organic community garden 
  • to provide a forever home for abused and neglected farm animals
  • to create a paddock paradise for rescue horses
  • to build enriched playground for rescue goats
  • to have grazing fields for rescue animals

help us

We need your help

Dear community members
~ Do you know anyone who would like to donate farm land (in South Fraser)⁠
~ Do you know anyone who is selling farm land (in South Fraser)

contact us

We would love to give you more info

For more details please contact:
Jennifer Childs

Keryn Denroche