Healing hearts—one person, one animal at a time.

We are Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary, formerly SALI’s Farm. This is a place that brings people, animals and nature together to improve the emotional well-being of our community.

Using animal-assisted intervention, horticultural therapeutic activities and nature-assisted activities we are able to affect change in the hearts and lives of the people and animals who need it most.


We are never afraid of taking on new challenges in pursuit of kindness.

Our farm sanctuary is a “forever home” for misunderstood and misfit animals. Many of our animals are unwanted, considered useless by society, hard to adopt out, or at-risk of slaughter. We believe all of them deserve kindness. In return, they become therapy animals in our animal-assisted intervention programs.

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Help us find a new home!

Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary has an urgent need to move. Our little farm is smack dab in the middle of a City of Surrey redevelopment area. The property is up for sale and we are uncertain as to when we will be asked to leave. Our Relocation Committee has been busy looking for our new home but has not found it. Can you help us?