Fostering empathy.

The goal of the children’s program is to interrupt the cycle of violence by changing the attitudes and behaviour of children through fostering empathy, compassion, and non-violent problem-solving skills.

Kindred Farm offers ‘at-risk” animals a safe sanctuary to heal past trauma and their stories of healing resonate with the children’s stories and gives them hope. The farm program is 100% outdoors and offers children the opportunity to care for farm animals, nurture and harvest plants, and find peace in nature.


Since 2011, Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary has offered an 8-week healing program to over 200 children, ages 3 – 12, who are identified as “at-risk” due to exposure to violence, early childhood trauma and school failure.


Our 8-week program.

A small group of children (max. 6) come to the farm for one hour per week for eight weeks. At the farm, the children are paired with trained volunteers and engage in care-taking activities with animals, nurturing activities in a garden, and share a healthy snack. Animal care activities include: cleaning the paddock, cleaning and refreshing water buckets, grooming the animals, giving the animals their medicine. Activities in the garden include: planting seeds, maintaining bird feeders, harvesting food to eat or give to the animals, learning the connection between plants and healthy food. Our volunteers are trained to keep the children safe and to facilitate success in every activity. They model empathy, caring and non-violent problem solving.


How we get referrals.

Kindred Farm partners with community agencies who work with children who are considered “at-risk” due to exposure to violence, early childhood trauma, or school failure. Together we work out the funding and logistics. The agency is responsible for identifying appropriate participants, ensuring permissions and facilitating maximum benefit for each child.

Partners have included: Surrey School District, Atira Women’s Resource Center, SOS Children’s Village, Children Who Witness Abuse, DIVERSEcity, Children’s Foundation and YWCA.


Program costs.

The cost to run one 8-week group is $6,000. This includes the coordination, supervision and follow-up of a Registered Clinical Counsellor, transportation to and from the farm, program and garden supplies, program evaluation, and a small percentage of the animal care and overhead costs of the sanctuary. Kindred is happy to collaborate with groups to develop proposals for securing the funds to bring a group of children to the farm.