board of directors

Meet our directors.

Our board is responsible for the governance of Kindred Farm Sanctuary, which exists to honour, respect and protect the human/animal bond. Our mandate is to lead, guide, and make decisions on behalf of the people and animals of Surrey, White Rock and Langley.

We exist to ensure Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary is doing its best to make Surrey, White Rock and Langley a better place to live for people and animals, and have an ongoing fiduciary link to the community. We have an ongoing sense of responsibility to do what is in the community’s best interests, both for today and into the future.


Meet Scott Groves
Our Board Chair

I grew up in the interior of BC, surrounded by wildlife and domestic animals and has always had a passion for all animals. The best times in my life have often been experienced with animals. Growing up on 80 acres with no neighbors, I spent a lot of time in the wilderness walking with my dogs and tending the animals. In Alaska, I identified a young humpback entangled in a net and through photos and reporting to the authorities she was rescued. In Africa, I worked with a charity that rescued wild animals and also focussed on the benefits of the human-animal bond to teach children respect for their environment and empathy. So when introduced to Kindred Farm, I felt called to step up and help. The vision of Keryn and work by Chris and all the volunteers is so inspiring, and I hope to bring my experience and passion to support the great mission and goals of Kindred Farm.


Meet Keryn Denroche
Our Founder/ED

I may be tiny but I have the heart and bravery of a giant when it comes to speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. Sometimes this gets me into more than I bargained for, but I never regret helping kids and animals. As a young girl, I learned from my neighbour Mrs. Grisbee who took in a dog left tied up to the garage door when the home owners moved, that kind people can make a difference. Doctor Dolittle also made a huge impression on my life and I have desperately been trying to talk to the animals ever since – they just won’t listen. I remember seeing Jane Goodall on the cover of National Geographic in the 60’s and after reading her story, I wanted to be just like her. The love and care of animals has made me a better person. See my story on when, how, and why I created Kindred here


Meet Michelle Lima

I first learned about Kindred back in 2011 when I was invited to a Boots & Tails Gala. I got to hear first hand about the incredible work Keryn was doing to create an Animal Sanctuary and develop programs for children to come to the farm and connect with the animals. I learned about the bonds that are formed between the children and animals and how healing this is for both. It’s truly amazing!
I have a passion for supporting my community. I’ve participated in the Covenant House Sleepout event for over 4 years which raises money and creates awareness for the at risk youth in our community. I’ve also volunteered for the Cinderella Project, Ronald MacDonald House, and the Christmas Bureau. I’ve made some changes personally to allow me to dedicate more time to supporting the community and was grateful when the stars aligned to allow me the opportunity to join the Kindred Board. I’m excited about the journey we’re on and the impact we’ll have as we move forward with our Fur-ever home!


Meet Piya Sandhu

My adoration for animals blossomed at a teeny age, through my nature-loving Dad and after befriending TJ—a Boxer pup with great owners we shared a fence with—who was my love at first sight. While TJ listened to my daily stories, I learned about his endless patience, sweet nature and playfulness, while discovering my own compassion, curiosity and understanding of my truly favorite beings: animals. TJ inspired the eventual adoption of our own Boxer, Cassius Clay, and with him my heart for nature grew even bigger. I have volunteered with and donated regularly to animal welfare organizations since earning my first paycheque, written to our MPs and federal government to fight for better cruelty laws, while continually dreaming of working with animals in even more impactful ways. Learning about Kindred Farm has been amazing; I am so grateful to run my business, The Handpicked Home, in the same community that this beautiful charity—one that makes such a wonderful difference for animals and children alike—exists. I am honored to have the opportunity to support Keryn and Kindred Farm, and learn from an incredible group of animal lovers whose values align so closely with mine.