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Meet our directors.

Our board is responsible for the governance of Kindred Farm Sanctuary, which exists to honour, respect and protect the human/animal bond. Our mandate is to lead, guide, and make decisions on behalf of the people and animals of Surrey, White Rock and Langley.

We exist to ensure Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary is doing its best to make Surrey, White Rock and Langley a better place to live for people and animals, and have an ongoing fiduciary link to the community. We have an ongoing sense of responsibility to do what is in the community’s best interests, both for today and into the future.


Meet Karen Conyers.

I have always loved animals and grew up wanting a horse of my own. Well, that didn’t exactly work out the way I thought, but I have shared my life with amazing cats and dogs. We had the requisite mice, hamsters, birds, but I gravitate to those who don’t live in a cage. As I get older, I am becoming more and more an advocate for the human-animal bond, as there is no truer bond on this earth in my opinion. When there is a trust and kindness, the relationship is unlike any other. I am also becoming more and more vocal against abuse which brings me to why I am the President and Chair of the board. The children who have been involved with the program have been abused in violent ways, and the animals we have rescued have not had an easy time of it prior to coming to the farm. In that, there seems to be an inherent understanding from the children and the animals. They just get it. In showing kindness, empathy and patience – and a willingness to hope and trust, both can heal.


Meet Keryn Denroche.

I may be tiny but I have the heart and bravery of a giant when it comes to speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. Sometimes this gets me into more than I bargained for, but I never regret helping kids and animals. As a young girl, I learned from my neighbour Mrs. Grisbee who took in a dog left tied up to the garage door when the home owners moved, that kind people can make a difference. Doctor Dolittle also made a huge impression on my life and I have desperately been trying to talk to the animals ever since – they just won’t listen. I remember seeing Jane Goodall on the cover of National Geographic in the 60’s and after reading her story, I wanted to be just like her. The love and care of animals has made me a better person. See my story on when, how, and why I created Kindred here.


Meet Winston Conyers.

Winston is too busy hugging Roosters to write his bio 🙂
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