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We are not open to the public at this time.  We will be in our new location.

The animals at Kindred are considered our partners in the work we do in the community. A petting zoo uses farm animals for entertainment and profit purposes.  Usually the animals are small babies and when they grow bigger they are sold for slaughter.  Some of the animals at Kindred have been rescued from a petting zoo.

Our address is not published in order to protect the children in the programs, as well as the private residence on the property. Once you confirm attendance at an orientation, or set up an appointment to visit the farm with our staff, you will be informed of the exact address. We are located in South Surrey, BC in the vicinity of Redwood Park.

We are about a 15 minute walk away from a bus stop @ 24th Ave / 176th Street (WB 24 Ave FS 176St)


We have a volunteer orientation every other month.

The Orientation is about an hour long and is designed to answer all of the questions you may have about joining our team. (not suitable for children, they find it very boring)
Click Here to learn more and register for the next orientation.

At the farm in South Surrey near Redwood Park. Due to privacy concerns, we do not post the address publicly; the exact address and directions will be provided once you confirm your attendance.

The minimum age for adult, unsupervised volunteers is 19 years old. People under 19 are welcome (and encouraged!) to volunteer, providing that they have parental or guardian supervision while at the farm.

We do have clients who volunteer at the farm alongside their support staff. Please join us at our next volunteer orientation to find out more.

We have had students volunteer at our farm to receive credit.  Please join us at our next volunteer orientation to find out more.

Yes!  Please come to our next volunteer orientation to find out more.

We have 2 shifts per day, 7 days a week. Morning shift is between 9am-11am, and afternoon shift is between 3-5pm.

We want you to be part of our community! By becoming a member of SALI, it means you support our mission and vision. It’s important to us that our volunteers share our vision, as you truly make it possible for SALI to exist. You can find out more about membership here.

We are about a 15 minute walk away from a bus stop @ 24th Ave / 176th Street (WB 24 Ave FS 176 St)

Farm Animal Rescue

We are partnered with local and provincial animal welfare/rescue groups who identify farm animals in need who are hard to adopt out. We are often the animal’s last chance to find a new home

We’re sorry, but we do not accept owner surrendered farm animals.

Currently, we have 30 animals and are at capacity at our little farm. Can you help us find our new home, so we can help more animals in need?

read more here

Absolutely! It just needs to be feed that is part of our animal health program at the farm. Please contact us and we will be so grateful.

We would love to receive a card on behalf of one of our animals. It makes us so happy that our animals inspire you and this is what helps us keep going.

We are not government funded. The “Cups of Coffee Patrons” monthly donations (find out more here) make a huge impact on covering daily and emergency care for our animals.

New Home

Kindred is looking for a minimum of 10 acres:
In-kind donation
Lease to own
Long term lease
Land Match

10 acres will help support:

  • public office, washroom, kitchen, group area, and parking lot
  • large barn for animal shelter and to hold events
  • several outbuildings for animal shelter and storage
  • several acres for grazing animals
  • large community garden
  • Paddock Paradise trail
  • Caretaker’s cottage

We are looking in Surrey and Langley.

We have not been given our notice yet… fingers crossed that we have lots of time but development is all around us.

Yes, being in a new permanent home will allow us to build more accessible public areas:

  • Large community garden
  • Public tours
  • Field trips
  • Camps
  • Work experience

We would love to hear from you.

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