all boots on the ground


Remember your carefree days of childhood? Building a play fort in your backyard? Or that park with the pond and trees down the street…your grandparents farm?

A place where you could escape from the chores at home and the pressure of school. A place you could leave all your worries behind—and just live in the moment.

Your happy place.


Many children today do not enjoy such carefree days. They don’t have a happy place.

For 10 years Kindred has provided a carefree place for children.  And for many kids, Kindred Farm has been their happy place.

But at the new farm there is no Children’s Barn…yet.

That’s where YOU come into the story.

You can help build a Children’s Barn at the farm.

Will you help give us the boot we need to build a barn for the children?

Raising a barn is a big undertaking. The total cost to build the Children’s Barn is $200,000. We will be building our barn in phases, as fundraising milestones are met. Every dollar you donate will help us build the Children’s Barn.

Come back often to see how much you’ve helped fill our boots.


You can help more children find their happy place.

The excitement is growing as we prepare to welcome children back to Kindred Farm. Imagine their smiles when they see a brand new barn that’s built just for them. A place they can warm up. Where they can get out of the rain. Where they can chat and laugh with other kids. Where they can cuddle with their favourite farm animal. Where they can live in the moment, in their happy place.

What we need is a good ol’ barn raising. And we need all boots on the ground to help.


“Badger the horse at Kindred Farm is my Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth where I feel loved and safe. My heart doesn’t hurt so bad anymore.” — Kyle



We’ve got a barn-raising plan.

Our Children’s Barn will be a beautiful, big pole barn with red metal siding. It’ll be built to last a long, long time.

As the children walk into the barn they’ll discover the Bunny Bungalow, Chicken Cottage, Frankie’s Flat and much more. Built alongside the barn will be large outdoor paddocks so all of the animals can go outside to play.

Healing hearts—one child, one animal at a time.


This old barn needs to go…urgently.

We call this dilapidated old barn the Grape Barn. It’s covered in dead grape vines, the foundation is crumbling, and the roof is leaking. It currently houses the Rabbitat bunnies but it’s really not safe for animals or humans any longer. We urgently need to demolish the Grape Barn and replace it with a beautiful new Children’s Barn.

Here’s what our property inspector had to say when we purchased the new farm, “The small barns and shed along the east side of the property are in poor shape. A couple of sections may be able to be saved, but it is more cost effective to start over.”


The chickens need new coops.

The little houses for the birds and bunnies did not do well being moved twice in three years – the Chicken Coop is in the worst shape. With climate change we experienced one of the coldest winters on record and our small animal heat lamps were going 24/7. They helped, but were definitely not adequate. One of our beloved animals got frostbite. We were shocked when we received our electrical bill – $1,000 for two months! It’s time to move the chickens into the warmth of the new Children’s Barn.


Can the bunnies, chickens, Frankie and the kids count on you to give us the boot we need to build a barn? Donate today.