All deserve to enjoy the four-legged friendships that enhance our quality of life

Sep 12, 2011

I asked Jonquil Hallgate of the Surrey Urban Mission to write a couple stories for me about the people and pets that visit the mission for pet food that SALI delivers once a month.

One of our mission friends who relies on dog food is homeless. Jack cannot afford the costs of feeding his pal Max, but they have a bond that transcends many of those that people have with each other. They truly are a family. Recently Jack left the campsite that he had set up to attend an appointment. When he returned, his camp had been destroyed, his belongings stolen and his pal missing. The rope that tethered Max to the tent had been cut. He was devastated. We all were because we all love this wonderful animal. Fortunately, the following day they were reunited when Max left whoever had taken him and went searching in the areas in North Surrey that he was familiar with looking for Jack.

Another of our mission friends lives with mental illness and also has agoraphobia. Mary only leaves her apartment to go to the doctor once a month or once and in a while with a Mental Health worker to do a bit of grocery shopping. After her rent and utilities are paid each month she has $120 left for food, laundry, and any other needs that she has, including vet bills and pet food and treats. Her constant companions are her 5 cats who she loves and mothers – and who give her a reason to get up and get moving each day. The food that we provide her with through the goodness of donations from SALI reduce her stress immensely. It also allows Mary to have her family with her because having to part with them due to not being able to feed them would be truly tragic.

“Being able to provide pet food takes a lot of stress away so that people are able to enjoy the relationship and bond that they have with their 4-legged family members. Blessings to everyone who cares about animals and about community members who deserve the same opportunity to enjoy the friendships that enhance our quality of life.”

These are two stories of the people that visit the Surrey Urban Mission for the free hot lunch program, but actually of more importance to them, to pick up free pet food that SALI delivers once a month. When the SALI truck pulls up we are warmly greeted , greatly appreciated and always thanked. We visit with everyone and are always touched with the caring bond that exists between our mission friends and their pet. This SALI program continues only through the support of our caring community who donate cash, donate fresh pet food, donate expired good quality pet food, and who help deliver the pet food.