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Rescue date: Apr 14, 2022 Favourite Food: Grapes Best friend: Benny

We got an Instagram Message

“I’m friend with Karen and Kyra of Spent Grounds.  I have an 8 week old pure bred Americana chick that is blind completely in one eye and maybe can see shadows up close in the other.  I would like for her to have a safe and good live which I cannot provide at this time.  She needs to be with other chickens so she can follow them but not get beat up.”

It was very good timing for this baby bird.  We were looking for a friend for Emmy Lou.  Our flock dynamics changed when we got Richard.  He was interested in Emmy Lou, but she was not.  She would spend most of her day hiding from him under the coop.  It was time to separate her and find her a bird friend.

Along comes this opportunity to save a baby chicken.  Being blind means she needs extra TLC which Kindred Farm is very good at.

We had a naming contest for our members.

Help us Name Her
Theme: Female Country and Western Singer
to fit in with Emmy Lou who is named after Emmy Lou Harris

(1) Dolly (Parton)
(2) Reba (McEntire)
(3) Dixie (Chicks) – we took this name off the list because of the connotations with the Old South
(4) Tanya (Tucker)
(5) Loretta Lynn

Dolly won!

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