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Birth date: Jun 1, 2014 Rescue date: Apr 11, 2015 Favourite Food: Grass Best friend: “Anyone who agrees, I’m better looking than Vanilla Bean”

A group of bunnies is called a Fluffle,
And they have caused quite a kerfuffle

Rabbitat Rescue is always looking for barns that can house a Rabbitat.  Rabbitats are mini-sanctuaries designed to be escape proof, visually appealing, gently interactive, sustainable and low maintenance.  The barn at our farm seemed like the perfect place for an indoor space, but the outdoor space was more of a challenge with a lot of cleanup needed in the forest to build a covered shelter.  It is easier to start with a colony of rabbits rather than introducing new bunnies along the way.  So on a rainy day in April, we welcomed 8 beautiful rabbits to our farm sanctuary: Vanilla Bean, Misto, Java, Cuba, Starbucks, Mocha, Macchiato, and Jamaica.  Never having rabbits before, we relied on our bunny volunteer Jane to teach us how to care for these fluff balls.  They may be fluffy and cute, but they were not pets having come from a meat breeder.

Misto is like smooth white foamed milk, hence her name.  It is a mystery how she can stay so impeccably clean and white on a farm!  She is also the most adventurous of all the bunnies.  When we purposely leave the bunny door open so they can explore, she is the first to venture out and the last to come back in. This trait is one of the few ways we can tell her apart from her twin Vanilla Bean.  The other being the tattoo in her ear.    


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