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Birth date: Mar 2, 2021 Rescue date: Mar 2, 2021 Favourite Food: Ritz Crackers Best friend: Dolly

We got a message from Vancouver Animal Shelter,
“I work for Vancouver Animal Services and we recently took in a rooster and we think a chicken or possibly another rooster.
Wanted to see if Kindred Farm might be able to take them? Our usual contact doesn’t want roosters and we are now trying to find placement.”

Kindred is unable to have another rooster with Richard, so I asked PEACE  if they could rescue him.  PEACE is creating a Rooster Microsanctuary (just roosters) and said they would take him.  

We were already looking for a large breed hen to join Richard and Henrietta so we said yes to the hen.
We built a quarantine space for them in the Big Red Building.  Last week, PEACE picked up the rooster and we are now integrating the hen into our bird flock.

What is Penny‘s story? How did he come to be abandoned in a Vancouver park with another chicken?  Thankfully, his story has a happy ending here at Kindred Farm and he has clucked his way into our hearts.

We noticed something amiss with Penny right away. He has the strangest lopsided body. Other than that he seems very healthy.  We were worried that maybe he had large growth on his spine, so off he went to see our wonderful bird vet Dr. Ken Macquisten. Dr. Ken said that Penny is such a calm guy. He didn’t fuss about anything even when they had him on his back with wings spread for x-rays. While in the waiting room he gave a few crows to let Dr. Ken know that he was there and ready 🙂

Penny has been diagnosed with scoliosis.  This is way better news than if it was a tumour.  Penny can live a very good life with this condition.  He is not in any pain and is very active.  

When Penny first came to Kindred Farm he was a terrified bird and wouldn’t come near us.  Now he greets us at the gate and we can cuddle with him! This has been one of the fastest transformations we have ever experienced.  I think maybe the other birds told him that he made it to a very good place.

Penny is now going by PennyBenny, PennyBenny or PB.  Nicknames are a constant here at Kindred Farm.  I’ll have to do a blog post on all of them 🙂


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