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Rescue date: Nov 11, 2020 Favourite Food: apples Best friend: Fallen love with Badger

Ruby is a Standardbred mare, a former race horse, that was once a part of Kindred Volunteer, Kim’s family. When Kim moved back to the city some years ago, she had to re-home Ruby, but she kept in touch with the woman she gave her to.  This woman in turn gave Ruby to a close friend on Vancouver Island, and it seemed that would be Ruby’s forever home.  Kim has seen photos over the years, and Ruby, though 28 and retired from riding, has kept very well with no health issues.

Sadly, Ruby’s current owner suffered a car accident and her injuries make it difficult to care for Ruby. They have asked if Kim might want her back, but Kim is not in a position to do that. At the same time, Kim still cares very much about Ruby and knows she (like so many horses out there) deserves loving, proper care and that she would have this in abundance at Kindred.

Kim says, “Ruby has trust issues from her racing years, or as my farrier said (and it was the perfect description) she has “ghosts”. That doesn’t mean she’s spooky, but rather like Secret, she has a hard time connecting. Maybe she’s haunted by her early treatment while racing, or giving up her foal, or by being passed on again and again over her long life. I know more about her history I feel the emotional wounds she carries (along with other scars) make her, like Badger and Secret, an ideal fit for the human therapy programs at Kindred; troubled people will relate to her, and her to them. She loves to be groomed, is good with her feet, and otherwise being handled on the ground.”

Ruby now has a forever home at Kindred and actually celebrated her 29th birthday November, 2021!

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