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Rescue date: Apr 3, 2021 Favourite Food: Millet Best friend: “I just want to be alone right now”

We got this email message,
“My mom had a stroke in September and no longer can care for her many farm animals. I have rehomed and taken on all, except for one Muscovy duck. She is currently fostering at the neighbors, but they cannot keep her as the enclosure she is in is for their baby chicks which are due to arrive in less than one month.

She is an older duck, possibly 15 years or older. She was living with five other mates, but they have all passed away. Tipps has now been living alone since approximately June of last year. I know Muskovy ducks are flock animals and I’d like her to have a flock back.

I am looking to place her somewhere. I live in Coquitlam and she cannot live with me. I have taken my mom’s chickens and have them in the backyard but have no room for a duck. Would you consider taking her? Or know of anyone else who could?

I am concerned for her safety as she has been fed and protected all her life and knows nothing of fending for herself in the wild.

Please let me know if you consider taking her.”

At first, we didn’t have room in our quarantine area for her because Richard the Rooster was there, so she went to a foster home.  Once Richard was integrated with our flock, Tipps was brought to Kindred Farm and welcomed into our quarantine space.

Tipps joins our flock of 4 Muscovy ducks: Arthur, Fern, Duchess & Juniper

Muscovy ducks are a very misunderstood breed and it’s been wonderful to get to know them and their individual personalities.

Many individuals believe that Muscovies are more of a goose than a duck. For instance, they do not quack. Many people like this trait since they are “quiet” ducks. The males make a “hissing” sound while the females make a sound known as a “pip.” This “pip” is a very exotic sounding call. It is somewhat similar to a flute quickly alternating between the notes F and G. Also, their eggs take longer to hatch than other duck eggs — 35 days. Unlike all other breeds of ducks, Muscovies did not originate from the wild Mallard.

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