Areas for off-leash dog walking tiny compared to size of Surrey

Apr 23, 2008

I grew up a time when dogs ran free and the list of animal control bylaws was small. Times have changed and one of the things that I have noticed over the years is that off-leash dog walking is being closely monitored and is being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas. The areas where dogs are not allowed off-leash are too many to mention. Here are the City of Surrey designated dog off leash areas:

  • Freedom Park (15452 – 84 Ave)
  • Dogwood Park (13485 – 20 Ave)
  • Tynehead Park (17200 Block of 96 Ave)
  • Tannery Road Park (11700 Block of Tannery Rd)
  • Serpentine Dog Off Leash Park (13580 – 76 Ave)
  • Blackie Spit Park (3136 – McBride Ave)