Chase was laid to rest under his favourite tree

May 23, 2020
The day Chase & Badger met for the first time in 2014
Photo Credit: Winston Conyers
Chase was there for hundreds of children and adults when they needed a hug

Our beautiful senior horse came to us at our first home in Fort Langley in the Spring of 2014 from a BCSPCA cruelty seizure. We knew that we had a long road ahead of us to rehabilitate him. Chase was given the best health care we could find and it didn’t take long to see a remarkable change in his physical body. What took longer was the healing of his emotional and mental health from years of abuse and neglect. But at the end of two years he finally revealed his true self to us (I did a blog post on this: August 30, 2016 “Every Picture Tells a Story”). This is what keeps us going. We know that love, care and kindness can heal animals and people!

BCSPCA Magazine Fall/Winter 2014

This winter we noticed a swelling on Chase’s left cheek. When it was x-rayed, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. We had to rally Chase’s animal care team once again to give him the best care possible and hopefully conquer it.
Surgery was an option but only if we could put some weight on Chase so he could have a better chance of recovery.  The surgery is very invasive and we also had to decide if we should put Chase through it.

His tumour on his left cheek just kept on growing

After putting some weight on him, he came up lame and we needed to figure out what was causing this.  The pandemic made matters worse as we tried to navigate vet and farrier care during the lock down. Our Horse Care Team and all the Animal Care volunteers went above and beyond.
In the end, Chase’s body made the decision on it’s own as he took a turn for the worse this week. We made the difficult decision to help him die peacefully rather than suffer.   

Secret & Chase had a sense all day that Chase was going to be leaving them
Photo Credit: Linda Wilson

We said goodbye to Chase on Thursday night.  His physical body spent the night in the front yard under his favourite tree (this is the tree that Badger and Chase slept under when they first came to our new home in South Surrey in Dec, 2014).   

Laid to rest under his favourite tree
Flowers & gold embossed coat for our regal senior

To keep Chase’s memory alive we have set up a fund that will be used to pay it forward to more vulnerable people and animals in our community.

Friday morning Chase was picked up for cremation. Our animals are cremated at the end so they can come with us when we find our new home.

Chase was 26 years young. Adored by hundreds of adults and children. Gone too soon.

Proud Member of the Herd
It was a beautiful Thursday night. We all spent quiet time with the horse herd
Chase’s Friday lunch bowl just before he was picked up for cremation
Prayer flags for Chase
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