Happy New Year

Dec 30, 2016

Just thinking about all we’ve accomplished in 2016 at the farm makes me tired 🙂 If we could put all of our energies and passion into a bottle – we would make a fortune selling it. Instead you’ve given that gift for free to help children and animals. That is truly love put into action.

I am feeling a little bit physically exhausted because life at the farm has been so much work with this crazy weather. And there’s more headed our way. Every task at the farm is so much more taxing with all the frozen water troughs, water hoses, frozen bedding, and frozen hay. During this time, we’ve so many extra volunteers and their family and friends come in to help. This year we had “old” (you are there for us year after year) and new donors support our cause – from all the little daily things of running a farm sanctuary, to funding the children’s program, to our big projects. And then it hit me, this feeling of community, of love, kindness and care is exactly what the animals and children feel and it sure warms the heart – underneath the 3 layers of clothing.

It also hit me, it takes an awful lot of extra energy to work out in the cold, and it’s the same for the animals. We’ve been giving them extra food as they use up more calories to stay warm. We had the goats inside the barn for a couple of the really cold nights and have given everyone extra bedding. Everyone (except the chickens – how can such skinny little creatures stay warm) has an extra thick winter fur coat. They all look like they are so cosy and warm. Chase gets a winter coat, but not super thick, so we have put a horse coat on him for extra protection.

Chris Mayworm started a new tradition having an “orphans” Christmas Eve at the farm, and this year there were 12 people over for dinner. It may be cold outside, but I feel warm inside knowing that the farm is such a welcoming place of kindness.

2016 brought on many challenges which I’m afraid is just part of life – nothing good comes without hard work and perseverance. And I know I’m not the only one who lost someone near and dear. There’s not a day goes by, most often not an hour goes by, that I don’t think of my Montana. First with such sadness of a broken heart, but it turns into happy memories, only to repeat this cycle again in the next hour or moment that reminds me of him. Montana is the inspiration behind SALI and what a beautiful legacy he has left behind.


The animals at the farm remind me to be in the moment, and let go of the things we have no control over. I have so much to learn from these magnificent beings.

Our 2017 Strategic Plan which was discussed at our special members meeting in November, will be finalized by the board at our January board meeting and I’ll look forward to sharing it with you. It’s time for a Strategic Plan that will take us towards meeting more needs in the community, spreading the message of empathy for all and making the world a kinder place.

Give me a couple days rest, and I’ll be ready to get started on 2017!

Cheers to you all, much love and happiness to you and those you hold dear, and lots of sweet peaceful rest

Keryn and all the SALI’s Farm Family