It takes a village to keep a barn warm and dry

Dec 29, 2017

New Year’s Wish List
We need your help to pay for this repair. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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Roof_Harness_300.jpegI anticipated a very wet barn again unless we could come up with a repair for the barn roof. In the summer, Shawn Soucy and Ryan Cheys put up a blue tarp and secured it with wood strapping. Unfortunately, after the first September storm, the tarp was in tatters. Our back forest looked like a big blue balloon had exploded with blue confetti strewn everywhere. With bad fall weather around the corner, it needed to be repaired again asap, but this time with a sturdier material. Home Depot donated a heavy duty tarp for the centre roof and Shawn Soucy managed to get it in place but only if he wore a harness this time. He had to leave the job unfinished because his job that pays his bills was calling – the Kenny/Dolly Tribute Tour was set to begin with our volunteer as the drummer (we have a very talented musician at SALI’s Farm)!

SALI Volunteer Faye Land put out a distress call to local roofing companies for help! Penfolds Roofing heeded the call and came by to see how they could help. After discussing all the options, it was decided that tarping the whole barn was the least cost and least labour involved alternative (since we would be moving in 2 years).

We bought tarps for the two side roofs (the tarps were super expensive because we needed the best ones money could buy). Lumber was also purchased to secure the tarps down. All purchased of course from Home Depot because they’ve been so good to us!

Jonathan Manca of Penfolds offered to donate his time to get it done. I was so relieved, because this is not a safe project to ask of a volunteer. The day dawned with another severe storm, but the clouds parted for two hours and with the help of Faye and Aaron Land all three parts of the barn roof were repaired. When the next round of stormy rain and wind came, our animals were cosy and warm inside a dry barn!

I should also mention, due to a bit of relief I now feel, their is a huge saved cost to the medical system for any stress related aliments I may have incurred and my saved cost at the hair dresser to hide any additional grey hair.

I remember when we first moved to this farm in November, 2014, how I loved the idea of a heritage barn and had thoughts of getting it transported whenever we moved. Well, two years later, my love has dissipated, this barn will not be transported anywhere, but will meet the bull-dozers when the development in this area comes. However, you bet your sweet $400, the tarps and lumber will be coming with us!

We need your help to pay for this repair. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Please visit our wish list here

Thank you so much,

Keryn Denroche, Founder & Chief Bottle Washer