Jane Goodall in Vancouver

Nov 26, 2008

I was in elementary school when I first saw Jane Goodall on the cover of National Geographic in December 1965. And of course, like most little girls back then I fell in love with the idea of studying animals in the wild. My question now is, “Why did it take me so long to meet Dr Goodall?” I recently went to her lecture October 30th in Vancouver and have since made a promise to see her any chance I get in the future. She is indeed a messenger of hope for people and animals and our planet.

Here are some notes I made during her lecture:

  • the barriers between us and them [animals] are being broken down
  • wisdom is to ask “how does this affect the next generation instead of how will this affect me today?”
  • there is a huge disconnect between our brain and our heart
  • reason for hope; our brain power, resilance of nature, and the energy, commitment, and courage of the young
  • the most significant solution to our animals and planet in peril is to eat no meat, if you can’t do that than less meat, if you can’t do that then no intensive farmed meat

Dr. Goodall is in her 70s and travels 300 days of the year campaigning for her message of hope. What a wonderful testament she is for us to never give up. Please do all you can to see her when you can – you won’t be disappointed.