Kindergarten Field Trip

Oct 26, 2019

Kindred has recently partnered with PEACE which is a resource sharing charity for farm sanctuaries in BC.  Sarein of PEACE was contacted by a Kindergarten teacher, Melissa who wanted to bring her class to a farm sanctuary. None of the other farm sanctuaries in the area accommodate children, so Sarein presented the idea to me in August and came by the farm for a visit with Melissa.

Meeting Ray Charles

Melissa explained that she really wanted to connect her class with empathy and kindness and she was looking for a different experience for her students from the traditional petting zoo.  This really felt like a good opportunity to see if we could open up our farm for field trips. Sarein offered to organize it, so we proposed this as a pilot project.

Meeting Louise the Magnificent Rooster

Zain – “I loved the horses because they looked at me and I felt happy. When they looked at me it was like they were smiling on me.”

Madeleine – “I liked the cows. They liked me too. I know they liked me because they came close to me.”

Parireet – “I like the cows. Because they smile and they are just like me.”

Londyn – “I like the cats because they’re fluffy and that’s why I like cats. And I know they wanted to play with me.”

Avleen – “I liked the bunnies. Because they were eating from me. I was helping them.That makes me happy.”

Shivansh – “I liked the chickens. Because they smile with their eyes.”

Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkin patch that was loving cared for over the spring and summer was decimated by wildlife in September. But where there’s a will there’s a way….
Sarein got 45 pumpkins donated by Superstore King’s Cross so that each student got to pick out a pumpkin and bring it home and there are enough pumpkins for our Children’s Groups!

Learning about Paddock Paradise for horses

Muhammad – “I like bunnies. They play with me.”

Zaeem – “I liked the Turkey because it looked at me. That made me feel happy. Because they know me.”

Darwin – “I liked the bunnies. Because they eat and I got to feed them.”

Harveer – “I liked the bunnies the most because I feel like we could be friends in real life. When I fed them they appreciated me. I appreciate them.”

Manraj – “I liked the Turkeys. I got to pet them. I was not scared because I know they won’t bite me. Because Turkeys are kind. Turkeys have feelings like people.”

Kavi – “I like the horses. They make me feel happy because they come close to me so I know they like me.”

Fateh – “I like the cows. Because they make my heart happy.”

Kanwarvir – “I like the cows. They come close and they are not scary. They’re friendly.”  

Exploring the Touch Table hosted by Jill Bevan

I am so glad I said yes.  It was a wonderful experience for Melissa, her kids, for myself and our volunteers.  The kids immediately understood that they were at a farm sanctuary and made a connection to our animals.  Melissa wants to continue to have the children connected to our farm throughout the school year! So all in all a win/win.

Every week I receive emails asking to visit the farm and meet the animals. By hosting large groups, we will be able to accommodate many of these requests.