National Fairy Tale Day

Feb 26, 2020

Once Upon a Time there were thousands of one-day old baby chicks tumbling down an assembly line.  Each one turned over to guess their gender.  Boy chicks were thrown away (in a very disturbing way) and girl chicks kept on moving down the line into shipping boxes.

50 of the sorted babies ended up at a local egg farm, but two were born with very bad legs and feet. The farmer’s wife raised these two by hand and hoped they would get better.  When they didn’t, she couldn’t face the idea that they would be killed and called Kindred Farm.  

We took them in and named them Thelma and Louise.  Thelma had two bad legs. The bird vet tried everything to help her, but was unable to. Louise had one bad leg and managed to get around on it very well.  

Photo Credit: Sue Mendel

As Louise grew, she started to crow and develop beautiful head markings and ethereal coloured tail feathers!  Surprise Louise was a rooster!  Louise kept his name because being mistaken for a hen saved his life on the assembly line.  Louise has gone through countless surgeries, treatments, vet consultations, x-rays, challenges and has preserved through them all.  

Louise now lives happily ever after at Kindred Farm.

Did you know that Louise’s story has been shared throughout North America and inspired so many adults and children!

To me, Louise is our very own Fairy Tale.

Keryn Denroche, Founder/Director & Rooster Mum