Starbucks was one very special rabbit

Nov 4, 2020

Love is a risk.
Always ending and beginning again.  
You have to keep doing it.
And it’s worth every single tear.
Jann Arden

One of our very first rescues to arrive at Kindred Farm was a fuffle of bunnies.  8 rabbits came to live at our farm as part of a Rabbitat colony.  We were so new in the world of animal rescue and farm sanctuary work. I have loved creating a Rabbitat at Kindred Farm. It is ever evolving and a glorious place to call home if you were a bunny. Kindred is committed to always having a Rabbitat colony and I encourage every farm sanctuary to have one.

This is our welcome video when they first arrived. We renamed them all. Grandma became Starbucks.

Starbucks in her filthy cage at the meat breeder

Starbucks arrived at Kindred Farm in Spring. She enjoyed 6 springs, 6 summers, 6 winters and now, leaving us in October, she enjoyed 5 falls with us. She has now left us just as the rainy season has begun. She was able to just be a rabbit in a very natural and as much as possible a wild environment . She had a wonderful life as a barn bunny and thrived. I don’t think she would have liked to be a house rabbit.

Kindred Volunteer Eva Moreside caring for Starbucks

In all her time with us, she only was ill one time. For some reason she stopped eating. She was immediately isolated, monitored and given critical care. This was our one chance for cuddles as she rarely let us even touch her. All the volunteers at this time really bonded with her. Starbucks showed us that she did know that we cared for her and she was safe with us.

It takes a while to recognize each bunny from the rest, except for Starbucks.  She was the largest of the bunnies, a big round ball of the most beautiful merle colour fur (her colouring is actually called Agouti), and she had enormous ears. 

Being the largest, people immediately assume Starbucks is the boss of the pack.  But it was the exact opposite.  She was the shyest of them all.  I have spent 5 years with the bunnies and still was not able to really pet her like the others.  As I’m typing this, all of sudden it dawns on me that this is very typical with the children that come to our farm.  The biggest of them all is usually the most timid with the animals.  There are so many parallels between animals and children which is why they bond so easily. 

We gave her and her bunny friends a proper rabbit diet so that we could monitor her weight. Being from a meat farm she was breed to be way too big for her small bones and organs.

Starbucks and all bunnies deserve to be loved and cared for.  Starbucks is not lucky that she found her way to Kindred Farm because all bunnies deserve to be loved and cared for.  It is not luck, it is how the world of all animals should be.  We are the lucky ones to have known Starbucks for 6 years.  We really got to know her and she in turn gave unconditional love to hundreds of children, youth and adults.  It was a very special feeling to give a sense of safety to Starbucks after her time spent at a meat farm. 

Starbucks, I am so glad you only knew love and care for the last 5 years of your life.  I think we were able to help you erase the memories of the meat farm.  That is work that we can really be proud of.

Keryn & Starbucks

Special tribute by Kindred Volunteer Marilyn Kardash:

She was so special to me; I called her Bucky. She was such a sweet gentle old soul, her ears often flopping down to one side. In my experience she was like the matriarch of the group, the older, wiser one, often keeping her physical distance yet closely keeping watching. She usually was the first one to hop to new pastures when given the chance, and the last one to get herded back to the barn when it was time to go in. She loved the greener pastures on the other side.

One of the pictures is of my daughter, Christena on one of her visits, holding Starbucks. For me, it was always a challenge to get more than a couple pets or brushes in before Starbucks would hop away out of reach. I was a little surprised to see how easily Christena picked her up to cuddle her and brush her, with Starbucks looking like she actually was enjoying the attention (and saying haha to me!)

We miss you dear Starbucks! See you on the other side.