Think of Jane when you reach for that plastic bag

Apr 18, 2014

For the past three years, my husband Buzz has given myself and our three daughters season tickets to Unique Lives in Vancouver. That’s 4×5 (20) wrapped presents under the tree! This has turned out to be my best Christmas present ever. As a family we have had many wonderful experiences, but this one is all about learning on a global level which is priceless. We meet for dinner, discuss the latest family news and then tackle the big issues facing the world, books we have read, and what questions we want to ask the speaker (they have Q&A at the end of each). Try to get your hands on some of these tickets – beg, borrow (don’t steal), or drop a hint for mother’s day.

On March 25th, Jane Goodall was the guest speaker for Unique Lives. I wasn’t able to go because Buzz just got out of the hospital and needed some care. However, I have heard Jane speak before and was diligently following her 80th Birthday celebrations.

I have so many take aways from Jane Goodall’s presentations and books. Here’s my latest one from her Google Hangout Birthday party. I watched the whole thing, but one statement really hit me.

Jane doesn’t accept plastic bags from any store.

Jane travels 300 days of the year at 80 years of age! She is recognized around the world. And still she does the little things that every one of us can do. In our own whirlwind lives, when someone hands you a plastic bag – think of Jane and how much it would mean to her if you declined.

Did you know that the plastic vortex in the Pacific Ocean is the size of Alberta!

You can check out Jane’s Google birthday hangout here. I highly recommend it.

Keryn Denroche, BSc

Executive Director

SALI (Semiahmoo Animal League Inc)