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Rescue date: Oct 13, 2015 Favourite Food: Applesauce Best friend: Kinda liking Douglas the sheep; but I miss Clyde 🙁

What are the chances of finding a stray goat in October when we just rescued a stray goat in September? Chances are slim. One month after our baby goat Clyde arrived, we got a call about another baby goat that was in need. He had just been picked up as a stray in Langley by Animal Control. Our immediate thought was that this newest baby is somehow connected to where Clyde came from, and we knew that he would be the perfect friend for Clyde.

Meet Barney, as in Barney & Clyde! What a lovely sweet soul wrapped up in a white baby goat body. He and Clyde have become best buddies and are probably only a month apart in age.

If only, these babies could tell their story, I know there is a lot more to it than even what we can imagine. One of our volunteers Shawn Soucy, who first met our baby named our nameless goat Barney. After the movie “Barney and Clyde.” 

Barney and Clyde have been become best buddies and we feel that they have actually been reunited after becoming separated. Barney is a little younger than Clyde, but identical in every other way. Once he grows, we might not be able to tell them apart. We have a great shelter set up for them in the barn where they spend the night and some quiet time during the day (especially after the kids have been here). 

When the kids come to the farm, they are so excited to be met at the gate by almost twins! Can life at the farm get any better than that?



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