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Butter Bean

Rescue date: Jun 19, 2022 Favourite Food: Meal Worms Best friend: Lilly Willy
 A baby needs a family.  Well, Butter Bean you just happened to find the best family here at Kindred Farm.
We got this message in the summer:
“Hello! I work at Elizabeth’s Wildlife Rescue, and we recently received a domestic duck. It needs a new home, and it confirmed to not have avian flu. Will you be able to take Butter Bean? They’re an American pekin, few weeks old. I can attach some photos. We haven’t deduced their gender yet. So essentially someone saw two young boys trying to release butter bean at Vedder road cause I think their dog caught him, and so the person took Butter Bean to my husband’s work (Elizabeth’s Wildlife Centre) and since they can’t take domestics animals, my husband took it home. “
The question is, “what was a baby Peking duck doing on Vedder Road?”
So fitting that her/his name is Bean after we just lost our beautiful Vanilla Bean.


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