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Lilly Willy

Rescue date: Aug 4, 2021 Favourite Food: Watermelon Best friend: Swimming pool
 A baby needs a family.  Well, Lilly Willy you just happened to find the best family here at Kindred Farm.
Lilly’s story is very predictable.  She was bought from a hatchery along with other baby birds on a whim because they were so cute.  Then comes the hard part.  They actually need daily care!  Lilly Willy somehow found her way to a home.  They didn’t have the ability to care for her properly, so they reached out to us to take her.
After a couple of weeks of quarantine, Lilly Willy was introduced to her bird family and she immediately became part of the flock.  If only all integrations could go this smoothly and easily.  It seems that birds don’t mind adding ducks into their flock.

Lilly Willy is a muscovy.  As a baby we weren’t too sure if she was a girl or boy.  Now she is displaying some gorgeous green iridescent feathers so we think she may be a boy.  We’ve been through this many times with our birds as we humans only discover their gender when they are about 6 months old. Gender doesn’t matter to us or his flock.  We are so glad he is part of our farm family.

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