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Olive Oyl

Rescue date: Feb 19, 2021 Favourite Food: Grapes Best friend: Foster Family Anna & Al

I got a Facebook message from Urban Safari asking us to give a home to a blind turkey that was at their Surrey location.  Apparently a local farm had a change of heart and didn’t want to slaughter her.  Urban Safari founder Gary Oliver went to pick her up, but Urban Safari realized they weren’t equipped to care for her.

I knew that Kindred was the best place for her because of our experience with Ray Charles.  A blind bird has a lot of challenges and needs very specialized care. If I could find her a foster home, this would guarantee her safety and  give us time to get a proper space set up for her. Right now, Freida is inside the house in the space we could quarantine our new bird.

We have a foster home! Kindred Volunteer Anna Butz is caring for her inside her house.  Our volunteers are quite used to turkeys being inside at Kindred Farm .

When an animal comes to us without a name, we like to get to know them first to find a name that will suit them.  Anna Butz has the honour of naming her.  Anna has named her …..

Olive Oyl

She has the beautiful multi colours of Mediterranean olives and she has the skinniest legs which you may remember from the cartoon character of Olive Oyl.  Now all we need is a Popeye.

Is sponsored by Judie Sahadeo