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Birth date: Mar 29, 2018 Favourite Food: Clover Best friend: “my mom, Gracie, she’s so brave”

We were all on on pins and needles for three weeks, watching and preparing for any signs from Gracie that time for baby was near. 
Well, Thursday afternoon she stopped eating and started swaying back and forth. Her udder became super engorged and then at 3:43 her water broke. Time for baby and we all sprang into action.

We were anxious because we had been told to look for signs that she may need vet intervention: if the birth took longer than 2 hours from time of water breaking; if only one hoof appeared. It was freaking stressful for all of us 2-legged – Gracie on the other hand was calm, cool and collected.
From time of water breaking to birth of baby it took a little under one hour! Baby was born at 4:58 pm!

We gave Gracie a full week with as little people interaction as possible to give her quiet time to bond with her baby. We spent lots of time observing and are thrilled with what a wonderful mom Gracie is. It took a couple of days, but we finally found out baby was a girl by watching her pee.

We also wanted to take this time to get to know this brand new little one and see what name would resonate with her, the amazing miracle and how we’re all feeling. Some names that were suggested: Baby, Sally, Lucky, and Piper. What we all felt was how lucky she is. She was newly formed inside Gracie when Gracie was scheduled for slaughter on July 20. We didn’t know when we were busy making a home for Gracie, that she was bringing this special little one with her. How lucky is Gracie, the baby and all of us!

7-year-old SALI volunteer, Olivia who comes every Monday night to help tuck in the animals suggested Clover. Well that word really stuck with us, as we could easily picture our baby as a four leaf clover and how fitting that was for her story.

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