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Emmy Lou

Rescue date: Feb 13, 2018 Favourite Food: little bugs Best friend: “Anyone who doesn’t comment on how little Iam”

Vancouver experienced a very out of the ordinary long cold snap in early February that kept all of us animal care volunteers busy breaking the ice in the animal water buckets. We couldn’t believe it when SALI volunteer Cindy Carroll said that a very small baby chick turned up as a stray at her cousin’s house in Langley.  How did she ever survive out in this cold?  Cindy’s cousin asked if Cindy could find her a home. Well, she’s just happened to find the best forever home here at SALI’s Farm!

At first look, we thought she was a baby Emu with her puff of crazy hair on the top of her head! Hence her name. We’re now thinking she’s a bantam Silkie. Tiniest little thing.  We had her vet checked, and decided it was too cold for this little to live outside in the chicken coop.  She stayed in the children’s kitchen and was slowly introduced to Louise and Henrietta.  We knew that Louise would take to her right away, but it took us 2 months to let Emmy Lou be with Henrietta unsupervised.  
Just before Clover was born, Emmy Lou laid her first egg.  Thankfully her eggs are as tiny as she is.

She is now fully integrated into the flock and lives in the chicken coop.  She absolutely lives up to her looks – she has so much personality, everything she does is in fast motion, and will snuggle deep into your arms, but never deep enough to hide that shock of crazy hair!


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