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Birth date: Jul 12, 2018 Favourite Food: Grapes Best friend: Ruby

We received a Facebook message from a one of our guests who attended our gala last year.  She also happened to be a neighbour.  She explained that when she went to her chicken coop in the morning, low and behold there were two baby turkeys.  She had no idea how they got there. She knew she wasn’t able to take care of these babies and that’s when she thought of us. 

These two babies were in luck because we wanted to add some more birds to our aviary.  Our neighbour told us that they had their toes and beaks amputated and we immediately  understood that these turkeys were from a factory farm. 

Their journey to be secretly placed into a backyard chicken coop in the middle of the night has many possibilities. One of which is that a kind person fell in love with these two and wanted them to live.  Or perhaps they fell out of a box of babies destined for the factory.  But why the secrecy of a nighttime undercover mission?

What we do know is that these babies have been breed to grow super size breasts at the least cost and in the least amount of time. They have been breed to be slaughtered at 2 – 4 months. They will now live out there natural lives at are farm, so we some huge challenges with their care. We have a proven track record of helping animals like these, and we hope you join us on this journey.

Off to the vet for a full check up. As usual, there seem to be more questions than answers for animals that are raised to be slaughtered at a young age. Their gender is not known and there is not any information available on how to keep a commercial turkey happy and healthy for a natural life span.

We took some time before naming them, because they both deserved majestic names to reflect their true nature and beauty.  It is difficult to tell these two apart, except that one has a lighter coloured neck and is smaller. We think she’s a girl and have named her Pearl. What comes to mind with this name is of course the beautiful jewel that we adorn ourselves with and the idea of the discovery of a hidden gem. 

Welcome to the farm Pearl

Denroche Family

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