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Birth date: Aug 6, 2017 Rescue date: Aug 6, 2017 Favourite Food: green hay Best friend: “if you are scratching me, you’re my best friend”

We got a call from a good samaritan who desperately wanted a better life for a blind cow at a local farm. Gracie is a 3 year old Hereford beef cow. She had a lot of untreated injuries from accidents on the farm and was scheduled for slaughter on July 20th. We had an empty stall in our barn, so we said we would take her!!!

On the day Gracie arrived at the farm, we were told she was pregnant! She will be having her baby in February or March. Never having had a cow before and never having helped birth any animal, this will prove to be quite the challenge for us all – but we are up to it.

We are so looking forward to getting to know her.  She already knows how to get around in her paddock, stall, barn and fields.  Whenever, she is confused, she moos and we all come running along with Peanut to help her.

She has been vet checked, ear tags removed (a sign that she is in her forever home and is no longer part of the beef industry).

Our barn is way too small for three full grown cows (Gracie, Peanut and Baby to be).  We will need to do some major renovations to accommodate them.  And of course are looking for volunteers to help with their care.  Please visit our volunteer page to find out more.

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