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Lady A

Birth date: Jun 3, 2019 Rescue date: Jun 3, 2019 Favourite Food: Duck Food Best friend: Ray Charles

We received a Facebook message:
“Her name is Lady Amherst. She is a sweetheart follows me around like a puppy. My Tom is getting aggressive and I’m afraid he might hurt her. 
Lady has a sinus problem that I have been dealing with. This wet weather is hard on her so I have her in a dry pen away from the Tom so she will be ok. Dry hot weather in the forecast which is what she needs.
She is showing signs of improvement but I’m still concerned. She is so sweet. Let’s me catch her twice a day to put med into her sinus and eyes.
I know it requires more than I can provide for her. She is an awesome bird and I know she would be happy with your group.”

Losing Ruby and Pearl was heartbreaking, and many times you say to yourself, we can’t go through that again.  But this is the reason for Kindred Farm – to help more people and more animals.  And Ray Charles needed another turkey friend.  Being 100% blind, he also needs someone who speaks the same language and can help him navigate around the farm.  

She was in such bad shape that as soon as she was picked up, she was immediately taken to the vet.  She was sedated for surgery, her sinuses were lanced and drained and she was put on 10 days of heavy duty antibiotics.
Thankfully after her surgery there was nice dry weather which was good for her healing and she had a couple of baths over the next few days.  She was filthy and her smell was actually overpowering – it permeated your clothing if you even stood next to her.   We knew there were beautiful white feathers under all that dirt!

Lady comes from a local hobby farmer who rescues animals from factory farms.  She has a very kind heart, but has too many animals and does not have the best conditions on her farm, so we like to take the animals whenever we can.

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