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Birth date: Feb 27, 2019 Rescue date: Feb 27, 2019 Favourite Food: Watermelon Best friend: Swimming pool

This little baby duck was born in a hatchery factory back east and then shipped at one day old to a factory farm in Langley along with thousands of other baby ducks.  So the odds of this baby finding his way to a farm sanctuary were far greater than 1 in a million.

Lucky was badly injured in transport and was unable to reach the food and water troughs at the factory farm.  He would have been dead the next day if not for Kindred Farm volunteer Matthew who, undercover, chaperoned him to safety.

We didn’t know the extent of Lucky’s injury, so he was taken to our bird vet.  It wasn’t good news, he has a dislocated knee with no option for treatment.  But we wanted to give Lucky a chance once again to beat the odds so he was put into foster care with Kindred Volunteer Sophia.

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