Camp Badger: Day 1

Aug 21, 2019
Bags handmade by Mishel 

We spent the morning  in the ‘rabbitat’ with our six wonderful rabbits, learning all about rabbits in the wild and how we care for those at the farm. We then built our very own rabbit burrow fort in the forest behind the rabbitat. The campers worked as an industrious team to collect materials and assemble their fort from scratch. They christened it the BFF, or “Bunny Forest Fort.” 

At lunch, Chef Shirley* (as the kids have lovingly nicknamed her) guided us through making AMAZING vegan tacos.  The campers made their own tortilla shells, salsa, and healthy bean filling! We didn’t expect beans to be such a hit, but Shirley received a special request to have even more beans available at snack time tomorrow! In one of our campers’ words, “I like this food because it makes my body feel good and it is kind to animals!” We were so happy to watch the kids empower themselves through healthy cooking.
*Shirley Garrett
Pro-Active Health Coach

We ended the day doing arts and crafts in the forest and making awesome puppet-versions of some of the animals that live here at the farm. From left to right below, we’re pleased to introduce we Butters the dog, Emmy-Lou the chicken, Starbuck the rabbit, Badger the horse, Barney the goat, Elvis the cat, and Mocha the Rabbit. All are pictured relaxing against our new BFF, alongside Snow White (not a puppet!) who is investigating her new favourite napping nook.

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Lindzie Bouillet
Camp Coordinator