Creature Feature: Secret

Jul 13, 2018

It’s hard to miss the striking beauty of SALI’s latest rescue, Secret. The 18 year old mare is often the first animal to be seen as you drive down the lane, enjoying the delicious growth in the paddock paradise. Secret contrasts beautifully amongst her glorious “brothers”, Badger who is darker & Chase who is lighter, with her rich chestnut coat and dark mane. She is long and lean and moves about the fields with an eloquent finesse.

Photo Credit: Anna Butz

While the initial weeks may have left everyone on edge as both Chase and especially Badger learned to coexist with their new roommate, the fresh dynamic has evolved into something more splendid than any of us could have expected. As is often the case at SALI, the pieces fell together like a predetermined puzzle. Secret’s personality represents the median amidst the other two horses. She is neither as timid as Chase nor as curious as Badger. She is a perfect intersect that makes the trio complete. Perhaps the most calm of the three, Secret is courteous of visitors, human and otherwise. A quality that will bring great value to the Children’s program in the months and years ahead. She delivers a charming balance of feminine energy that we didn’t know we were missing until she arrived.

Photo Credit: Dawn Gilfillan

After a history of being bounced around, Secret arrived at SALI, her forever home, on April 28th, 2018. Her story began with a short racing career after which she experienced the challenging life of a broodmare. Once Secret was no longer a suitable breeding horse she found herself at Hayburner Haven Farms in Langley. She was nursed back to a healthy condition by the wonderful team there and rehomed to a family who ultimately loved her but was unable to care for her. Hayburner Haven Farms welcomed Secret back when the family surrendered her, but with little trail riding capabilities, she was not entirely eligible for a second round of rehoming.

Photo Credit: Sandy Smith

This is where SALI comes in. When the question “Why is Secret a perfect fit for SALI?” was posed, volunteer extraordinaire Matthew Taylor turned the tables and answered a more enlightened quiry – Why is SALI the perfect fit for Secret? “I believe SALI offers Secret a stable, safe, secure and spacious environment where she is given unconditional love and attention without us having any expectations of her in return. SALI is a utopian oasis for Secret to live, grow, play, relax and to ultimately just be herself.” If that’s not what every living being desires and deserves, I don’t know what is. So welcome, Secret. We’re so happy to have you.


It would seem now that GOOD things come in (multiples of) three; horses, cows, chickens, bunnies. So the big question that remains is, when are Barney and Clyde getting their third member?!

Photo Credit: Matthew Taylor

Written by:

Leah Wilson
Animal Care Volunteer