Hug your pet and thank your lucky stars

Dec 5, 2011

This morning I was waiting at a church to pick up a cat to put into our foster program. The cat is the beloved companion of a woman fleeing domestic violence. The woman had gone back to her place when it was safe to get her cat and was going to bring her to me. Something wasn’t right as I waited and waited. It ended up that she couldn’t get the cat. The woman was so apologetic that she had wasted my time. That’s when it hit me full force. Life can be so difficult for some of us. Me I just spent a morning doing my best to help someone. It wasn’t a waste of my time or effort. I will do it again in a heart beat.

I am just glad that she is safe and her cat is also safe. Her cat is good at hiding and will be fed by a neighbour for the time being.

We will both try again another day.

**This is a picture of a cat that we paid to get spayed. I can’t post pics of the pets that we help in the Gazelle Guardian Program. All identities have to be confidential to keep women, children, pets, and SALI volunteers safe from perpetrators.