MLA Jagrup Brar – SALI challenges you to foster a dog for your Welfare Challenge

Jan 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Brar: Your commitment to spending a month on the street is commendable. I am always excited with any initiative that gives the homeless a voice. However, I would like to address an issue that has been missing from the media coverage of your Welfare Challenge. Many homeless people, people in danger of becoming homeless and those living in poverty have pets. Pets nurture at-risk people when they have lost all family and friends. Pets create a sense of family, love and support. Pets create a positive, healthy, routine for at-risk people. Pets give at-risk people hope.

Photo Credit: Evan Sea

I have found that at-risk people will put themselves more at risk because they put their pet’s need before their own. At-risk people will feed their pets before they feed themselves. Imagine if your $610 had to be spread even more thinly to feed your beloved four-legged family members.

SALI is committed to helping at-risk people keep their pets. SALI delivers pet food right to the front lines where people are living on the street and where their direct services are located. We deliver pet food once a month to the Surrey Urban Mission (104th & King George Hwy), the Djaef Mahler Grocery (108th & 130A) specialized, high protein for people with HIV+ (many people with AIDS have cats), the South Fraser Women’s Society (20th & 152nd), and the Cold Weather Homeless Shelter @ White Rock First United Church.

Jonquil Hallgate is a huge advocate for pets of the homeless and she shared this sentiment with me, “Blessings to everyone who cares about animals and about community members who deserve the same opportunity to enjoy the friendships that enhance our quality of life.”

Please let me know if you would like to foster a dog for the rest of your challenge. A dog will help protect you from loneliness and despair. SALI will provide you with all the dog food that you need.